Surrey Fly Fishing

Professional tuition for all abilities!

What is Surrey Fly Fishing all about?

My name is Trevor Coxon, I live in Epsom, Surrey.

I am a professional Fly Fishing Instructor, I studied for three years (part time) and in the year of 2000 I took the required examinations with the Salmon & Trout Association, (now The Salmon & Trout Conservation U.K.) to become a qualified Game Angling Instructor.

I have over 20 years of teaching fly-fishing and tutored over 560 novices to get started with this great hobby!

I am passionate about Fly Fishing and enjoy getting my clients to a high achievement in casting whilst making it fun for them!

I have lived in and have taught Fly-Fishing in Surrey for nearly 20 years, hence the title!

Alaskan 'Chum' Salman

An Alaskan 'Chum' Salmon


First lesson, first fish!

What I offer!

I offer quality tuition at reasonable prices to anybody wanting to learn to fly-fish. Fly-fishing is completely dependent on being able to 'Cast' properly, and although not rocket-science it can sometimes seem difficult to master.

Approximately 97 percent of my clients cast competently after just 90 minutes! You do NOT need multiple lessons like golf etc. - one lesson is normally enough!

What I Teach

1. I give Casting tuition to -

Novices & Beginners - those with basic knowledge - & those who want advanced skills. I teach a series of movements that build into a good smooth 'overhead cast'.

I also teach 'the roll cast,' an invaluable alternative for the situations that sometimes make overhead casting impossible .

2. I give 'Guiding tuition -

to Novices and Beginners, on their first fishing trip and explain what sort of flies they may use, where fish may be, different sorts of retrieves, and general water lore.

I strongly believe that one-to-one tuition is important, clients have 100 percent of my attention for 100 percent of the session, however, it is also good for two persons to share a lesson - especially if they fish together, this will help each one of them to remember the small points that make so much difference, and it is cheaper!

I teach 'How and why' to novices, so that when they are on their own and things go wrong, they can diagnose what is happening and know how they can correct it!

It is difficult & boring to try to explain the whole process on a single page as everyone has different requirements and has lot of questions.

If you would like to know more details or perhaps likely venues or prices etc.
Please use the 'Contact' page, I can either email you or phone you, whichever you prefer, and try to answer any of the questions that you may have.

Have a look at the the comments on the 'Testimonials' page, these were freely given and I have been given permission to publish them on this website