Casting and Guiding Lessons

Casting lessons for new and experienced anglers!


I teach the ‘Basic overhead Cast’ and the ‘Roll Cast’, these two casts will account for about 95 percent of the casting that you will ever use. I explain all about the tackle it's functions. I will show you good body positions and how to get you and the rod working together.

There are three variable factors that are crucial for a good cast, the ANGLE of the rod, the POWER used to work the rod, and the TIMING.

I will take you through a series of exercises to coordinate those factors to give you a smooth and effective cast.

I teach ‘How and Why’ – so that you can return home and practice what you learned.

Many beginners are coarse anglers keen to try Fly-fishing, they usually learn very quickly!


This is aimed at those who learned to cast recently or are self-taught, to improve their techniques. People with basic casting skills can achieve better accuracy, distance and ‘presentation’ of the fly. I examine their techniques and 'iron out' the little problems that prevent a really good cast. They can also learn the ‘Single & Double Haul’ – a way of getting more distance.


Sometimes, people who have been fishing for some time want to get better distance with their casts or perhaps just get a tune-up that give a better delivery of the the fly, but often they are getting older and want to use less energy to cast for longer periods. A half-hour revision will eliminate some bad habits and allow them to cast more comfortably.

I supply all of the equipment for the tuition if you don't own any.


Please note that I can give tuition to individuals, or two or three together.

Contact me for details on the 'contact' page.

Fly-fishing lessons make excellent gifts for Birthdays, Christmas & other Anniversaries.

I can send you a personalised card and voucher for the somebody who you would like to spoil, there are several different cards like the one on the right.
I d
o not charge for this, it is free!

Prices 2020

(unchanged since 2012)

A Casting lesson of 90 mins. costs £45 but if shared with a friend only £60 - just £30 each!

Follow on 'Guiding' lessons are just £35/hr. (£50 shared)

If you already fish and want a tune-up, the cost is just £35/hr. (£50 shared)

N.B. If you have a 'guiding' lesson, (that is actually fishing) there is a £5 fee for the full equipment hire.

Use the contact page for any enquiries!